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Juniors Payment quicklink

USRA Basic Membership and signed Waiver required of all participants: Code: B7BQF
Sign up here at USRowing
and Choose Westerville Crew as the affiliated club.

New Option: PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR TEAM FEES USING THIS METHOD GOING FORWARD IF POSSIBLE. Due to continuing increases in PayPal fees, we will be adding additional charges for members choosing to use Paypal.


Pay Westerville Crew through your banks mobile or desktop app using Zelle.  1. Add Westerville Crew as a "payee" with "" as the payee email address. 2. Pay the fee, including a memo line indicating WHAT you are paying for and WHO your rower is


Westerville Crew Waiver required of all participants:

Referee discount may be applied once a year to Spring or Fall season
and will be refunded by the treasurer after verification.
Sibling discounts only apply to Spring and Fall seasons

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