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Midwest Masters Sprint Series

Welcome to the Midwest Summer Sprint Series 2022


Congratulations to the 2022 Midwest Summer Sprints Winners...Will YOUR Name be here in 2023???
Team Points: 60-Greater Columbus 54-Detroit BC 50-Indy RC, 50-Western Reserve, 38-Grand Rapids 
Men's Individual Winners: M.McKay - Heroes' Movement - 11, A.Stanovoy - Detroit - 6, M.Raisky - 4
Women's Individual Winners: J. Bennett - Grand Rapids - 10, B.Wyslouzil - Greater Columbus - 8, Newman - Detroit BC - 3

We look forward to presenting the 4th Midwest Summer Sprints in 2023. For suggestions, send a note to and we'll look to incorporate it into the 2023 events.


The Summer Sprint Series was developed in 2019 by local rowing programs in the Midwest as a way to provide a more competitive  Masters  Rowing experience.  As it kicks off it's inaugural season with races in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio we welcome your participation in this exciting new series. The hope is that it will continue to be another way to foster friendly competition and camaraderie between  the participating Midwest athletes and clubs. 

Our hope is to continue to see the series expand over time in both athlete and event participation. Ultimately, we are looking to create a series which would culminate with a Midwest regional Masters Championship event as a lead in to US Masters Nationals.


See below for the current 2022 results after 3 events.

Current standings masters series
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Click the logo below of the participating event to visit the regatta's website

Scoring Notes
Added Mens and Womens 4x and Mixed 4+ this year
Added Composite Rule (counts towards medal points only if majority of crew is from a single team (6/8 for an 8, 3/4 for a 4. all 2x,1x need to be from same team for medal points. Composites still earn the 1 point for being in the event).

No separate event for Ltwt 1x yet, but will consider for 2023 if all regatta's run before or after open 1x (so conditions are similar)

Results are based on information provided by the respective organizing regatta's. All attempts are made to ensure they are accurate and fair each year. Please remember, the series is a volunteer led activity.

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See below for the 2021 Midwest Summer Sprints Winners...
Team Points: 50-Greater Columbus 43-Indy RC, 31-Detroit, 31-Western Reserve
Men's Individual Winners: D. Downey - 8, M.McKay - Wyandotte- 6, R. Anderson - Rockford - 5
Women's Individual Winners: J. Bennett - Grand Rapids - 5, B.Wyslouzil-4, E. Froehlich - Indy RC. - 4

See below for the 2019 Midwest Summer Sprints Winners...

Team Points: 54-Greater Columbus Rowing Association, 34-Chicago Rowing Foundation, 29-Three Rivers
Men's Individual Winner: D. Reinisch - Chicago
Women's Individual Winners: T.Yanowits - TRRA, B.Wyslouzil - GCRA

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