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Middle School Rowing


 This program is designed for Middle Schoolers who are interested in learning the basics of rowing and experiencing the fun and camaraderie that comes along with the sport. Practices usually meet two times a week during the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall seasons - with all seasons being outdoors except for Winter. Athletes in 8th grade can choose between this program (which meets less often) or our Youth Competitive Program (based on coach recommendation).

This program will focus on rowing in Octs/Quads/Doubles (each rower has 2 oars), and is better suited to an introduction of rowing for younger athletes. During on-the-water days, athletes will warm-up together then go on the water. They will learn very basic oar-handling skills and learn how to participate in a safe practice on the water. The athletes will practice safe boat-handling skills, familiarize themselves with the rowing language, and improve their basic rowing technique.

This program also allows athletes to experience competition with other middle school programs from the Midwest at a limited number of the regattas we attend. In the Winter sessions are held indoors at our training facility on Cooper Road.


Full Fall Session:
Aug. 21st (week of) to Nov. 6th  -  Mon/Wed/Thur
  • Outdoor Sessions*: 4:15-6:15pm
*Weather will dictate whether a session will be at our indoor facility or at Hoover. For  Fall Season expect the majority of the sessions to be outdoors  for on water rowing. We'll communicate via the Remind communication system if a session is being moved indoors.
Price for this camp is $225.

Limited slots will initially be offered for this program. Additional slots may be created based on demand.

            Junior High Sculling

6th -8th Grades

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