Spring Middle School Rowing

Junior High Sculling
6,7,8th Grades


This program will focus on rowing in Quads/Doubles/Singles (each rower has 2 oars), and is better suited to an introduction of rowing for younger athletes. Athletes will spend time on the water and land (ie at our training facility on the rowing machine) working on skills. This session is for the full summer, and includes attending and competing at our hosted regatta.


Full Spring Session:
March 22 - May 12;  Tue/Thurs
  • Outdoor Sessions*: 6:30 - 8pm
  • Indoor Sessions*: 7pm - 8pm
*Weather will dictate whether a session will be at our indoor facility or at Hoover; we'll communicate via the Remind communication system if a session is being moved indoors.

Limited slots will initially be offered for this program. Additional slots may be created based on demand.

Price for this camp is $185.