Masters Competitive Team

The Westerville Crew Masters Team is a competitive rowing team for adults ages 21 and over. The program consists of both indoor and outdoor practice. The team primarily competes in sweep rowing events (one oar per rower) but also fields boats in sculling (two oars per rower) when the opportunity presents itself. Competitive big boat rowing enables hardworking athletes to develop into successful individuals both on and off the water. The special nature of rowing, where athletes must work together in order to achieve success enables the formation of strong bonds between the team members not typically seen in other team or individual sports. 

Competitive Adult rowers can start at any age, at any experience level. The goals with Masters rowing are to bring like-minded individuals with a love for rowing together and to provide them an opportunity to participate in the Sport. 

The Master's team typically practices 2 to 3 times a week. They primarily row in the Summer and Fall seasons. Fall races are usually around 3-5,000 meters long, while the summer season is reserved for Sprint racing of 1,000 meters. 

Many Masters rowers also own and compete in privately owned boats while continuing to represent the team. We strongly encourage adults to get involved in whichever ways they can based on time constraints and personal preference. While the team is focused on competitive racing, there are certain social aspects to the Master's team that makes it a special part of the organization. 

We would love to have you come join our Master's team. Please use the "Register/Pay" page to provide your information if you are interested.

Feel free to reach out to Masters Coach Matt Chase with any questions or contact our program director Derek Blazo at


Interested rowers and coxswains will need to register for the club using this link:  


Everyone will also need to make sure their US Rowing Waiver and membership is updated. A USRA Basic Membership and signed waiver is required of all participants: Choose Westerville Crew as the affiliated club. The code is: B7BQF

All Adult members are also required to take SafeSport training.