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Masters Learn-to-Row
Introduction to Adult Learn-to-Row: Info Session (No Fee)



We highly recommend that those new to the sport of rowing attend one of our free info session held prior to the start of a 4-week Learn-to-Row cycle. You will have the opportunity to receive an intro to rowing on a Concept2 rowing machine and get into a 8-person rowing shell for a hands-on experience taking the shell to the reservoir. Time permitting, a brief jaunt on the water to follow.


Registering in advance here is preferred so that we have the appropriate equipment available.


Learn-to-Row 4-Week Cycle 

Our 4-week class option will teach you basic rowing mechanics and boat management skill sets. This fee-based program will be taught in an eight or coxed four, depending on the enrollment numbers.

Fee: $80


Class Dates:  
  • TBD


First order of business: Please register to confirm your participation in the upcoming LTR cycle to make sure we know who will be joining this week so that we have appropriate equipment and resources. Before tomorrow, there are SEVEN brief action items including a link to communicate your attendance plan for the coming week.


In the meantime, a brief look at what’s ahead.


Focus of Learn-to-Row

Fundamental to the art of rowing is to master the stroke and how one handles themselves in the boat. Our focus for learn to row will be introducing the building blocks for great rowing. Our initial sessions will introduce and hone the following:


  • Boat Management - Rigging and Handling

  • Pre-Water Stretching

  • Body Preparation/Positioning

  • Basic Stroke Work


Watching a crew sail down the water is poetic and beautiful. This is the result when everyone in the boat is moving synchronously, holding oar handles at the same height, putting the oar in the water at the same millisecond, driving their oars through the water as one unit and then releasing the water in unison.

The Essence of Rowing Starts With the Stroke

The sequence of the stroke and technique is the most critical element in rowing. Our focus will be mastering each element of the stroke before progressing to more advanced elements. If you spend time preparing for the first Learn-to-Row session, please reference the USRowing Technique poster by clicking here.


Please complete the following steps before the first session on Monday, August 7th, 6:00pm-8:00pm.




Step 1: Please complete the registration form, if you have not already done so.


Step 2: Make $80 payment to Treasurer Bruce Binnig using Zelle at Instructions can be found here.


Step 3: Set your attendance plans. For those planning to attend, you must signup for days you will attend classes. Visit our Google Sheet sign up here.


Step 4: Join WRC Masters GroupMe. For those signed up, the Masters team usually uses “GroupMe” to communicate general items, intra-team requests, weather updates, practice schedule changes, etc. All LTR athletes are encouraged to join “Westerville Crew Masters” on GroupMe. Click here to join. If the weather is bad, we will move practice to our indoor erg facility at 6363 Cooper Road.


Step 5: Every rower is required watch the USRowing Safety Video.


Step 6: Join the Westerville Crew club REMIND (as major site closures, etc., will be indicated.  You sign up by sending a text of @wcrowing to 81010.


Step 7: Review parking rules and requirements here. We are guests of the JCC and must honor both the speed limit and stay off property and road that is restricted.



Masters Rowing Programs

Westerville Crew rowing programs attempt to match the skills and development progression of participants. One size does not fit all with respect to training programs and coaching curriculum so the programs are offered with distinct intentions and overarching goals.

The basic progression for people who are new to rowing is attend a no-cost Introduction session, then complete a 4-week Learn to Row program (fees apply). After 1-2 Learn to Row cycles, the goal is to have you prepared to join the practices that experienced rowers participate in and row alongside them.

Please send a message to if you have additional questions!


Learn-To-Row Leadership
  • Betsy Binnig: Masters Coxswain & Administration - Betsy has been involved with the club for a decade, starting as a parent of a rower and evolving into a dedicated driver of the program, coxswain,  and USRowing Referee. Betsy currently supports the masters rowing program and is part of the administrative team for our Westerville Crew hosted regattas.


  • Bruce Binnig: Masters Coach Support, WRC Treasurer - Bruce has also been with the program for the past decade and is a USRowing Referee. He has served on the WRC board for much of this time in several roles ranging from board chairperson, regatta director, and treasurer. He assists in the management of our regattas and critical operations of the Westerville Crew.


General Tips

What to Wear and Bring to Class:

Many moving parts to rowing equipment in which fabric can get caught. Wearing form fitting, spandex style shorts and a close-fitting shirt are recommended. Sunscreen and water are a must! Nothing will ruin a LTR class more than being sunburned and dehydrated. Other necessary items include a hat or visor, sunglasses, easily removeable shoes and a towel.


What happens after LTR?

Once you complete the LTR class, you may be able to register for the next skill level (i.e., novice masters) or you may be encouraged to repeat another Learn-to-Row cycle. Our current masters program accommodates race-focused rowing as well as novice and recreational rowers. There will be opportunities to develop skills for all athletes and to train seriously for races. Typically, the current masters practices prioritize focus on technical rowing and endurance training.


You must be a WRC member to join these coached programs, and both membership and program fees will apply.


Rowing Resources

Rowing Vocabulary – great overview of some of the terms/phrases/commands you will hear from coxswain, coach and fellow rowers.  Quick read by clicking here.


Decent Rowing: - Highly recommend checking out this excellent source of both free and gated content. If you “like” the Decent Rowing Facebook and Instagram channels – they both offer daily videos covering all aspects of both sweep rowing and sculling.

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