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Team Governance


Westerville Crew's governance structure includes active engagement of both the coaches and a board. The combination of these two groups, in addition to our partner organizations, fulfills the leadership needs of the organizations rowing out of Hoover Reservoir. We continually look inwards at our organization to ensure our structure aligns with our current team goals as well as the future needs of our athletes to ensure the best possible rowing experience.


Board Members

Tim Binnig - Interim Junior Mens Coach
Tolly Allen - Juniors Womens Coach
Tolly Allen - Masters Head Coach
Drew Brown
- Juniors Assistant Coach
Ben Harvey - Juniors Assistant Coach

Elisa Kreiman - Juniors Assistant Coach
Cory Henderson - Juniors Assistant Coach
Cole Smith - Juniors Assistant Coach
Howard Bruss
 - U14 Assistant Coach

Obi Mowtegna - Juniors/U14 Assistant Coach
Bruce Binnig
- Masters Assistant Coach



Patty Nyquist - Board Chair


Jen Fleishman - Board Vice Chair

Bruce Binnig - Treasurer


Laurie Pordum - Interim Secretary

Christy Bass - Secretary Elect

Derek Blazo - Program Director



Members at Large
Jeff Klima
Matt Chase

Chris Migliozi



Laurie Pordum-Caitlin Kelly - Apparel


Natalie Felty-Ann Walston - Hotel Coordinator

Christy Bass, Cindy Stucky - Food Tent

Laurie Pordum - Becky Coyne - Alumni




Coach Ben - Social Media

Derek-Alice Foeller - Website Manager



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