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The Westerville Crew rows on Hoover Reservoir in the fall, spring, and summer. In the winter, the team's practices continue indoors on Concept2 rowing machines. The club provides plenty of opportunities to practice rowing technique and to stay in shape.

Hoover Reservoir

The Westerville Crew boat launch area is located adjacent to the Jewish Community Center Camp (JCC) property, on the southeast side of the reservoir.

Indoor Rowing Facility

Westerville Crew owns over 70 Concept 2 rowing machines for winter workouts. ‚ÄčThe facility is located in the Power Shack building on Cooper Rd near Westerville.

Important JCC Parking Information

Please adhere to the following to avoid congestion and frustration when dropping off or picking up your rower.  

  • As you pull into the JCC from Walnut street, make sure you are following the posted speed limit.

  • For dropping off rowers, you will need to drive straight along the path (follow the light blue markings above) until you hit the turn around at the end. You will not turn left into the parking lot.

  • Stay along the path until you are able to turn around, and then your rower will get dropped off at the grassy area before the basketball court.

  • PLEASE MOVE FORWARD ALONG THE PATH FOR PICK UP. Do not park your car, that will just cause traffic congestion. Please pull forward as far as possible to accommodate all parents that need to pick up their child and so that the kids can get to the cars safely.

  • Your rower will walk along the field towards the water to meet the team at the boatyard. They will follow the path all the way down to the boatyard, going left at the fork in the road.

There is absolutely no pick up or drop off in the rower parking lot. There can be no parking and waiting in the rower parking lot. Too many walkers and too many cars go in and out of that area for any drop off/pick up to occur for safety for all participants.  The drop off and pick up can be congested and frustrating, but it can work if all are patient and move forward along the path as much as possible, to allow all cars to fit. Thank you!

PLEASE, DO NOT park in front of the private drive near the pavilion of the JCC.  Westerville Crew are tenants of this property,  the caretakers live there full time, and need access to their drive at all times. The areas marked in yellow on the map above are strict no parking zones.  Even if you are waiting along the drive for your rower, these areas must remain clear at all times.  If your car is stopped along the path, please stay in your car and move forward as needed.

The speed limit at the JCC is 10 MPH.  (remind your kids who drive, please!)

Remember: We are tenants of this property.  We will respect the rules of the JCC. No rower is allowed off the path that goes to the boatyard or parking lot, other than to walk through the field from drop off.  A rower that goes off the path, on the ropes course, the pool, into the woods, etc. is subject to disciplinary action.