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Corporate Rowing League

For the summer of 2015, the Corporate Rowing League is returning to Westerville Crew.   The Corporate Rowing League's purpose is to foster fitness and team building through the wonderful sport of rowing.


The Corporate Rowing League (CRL) is Westerville Crew's answer to the high interest in rowing among adults in northeast Columbus. 


Format:  For the 2015 season, it's expected that most rowers in the CRL will have no prior experience and will start with a learn-to-row format.   Each team will be assigned a coach and a coxswain (person in the shell who steers and calls commands).  As technique and stamina improve, a more competitive format will be adopted.  Those who participated in 2014 will be provided more advanced instruction on day one.


Dates and Times:  Tuesdays and Thursdays starting June 16th, ending Aug 13th from 6:00pm to 7:30 pm.


Attire:  Tee shirt, form-fitting shorts, and flip-flops are usual attire.  Loose fitting shorts will likely catch in the "slide" (where the rowing seat moves back and forth in the boat), so rowers usually wear Lycra, Spandex, or other compression type shorts.  Bring a water bottle too! Sunglasses are good. Sunblock not as necessary considering the time of day.


Boat composition:  Each boat will consist of 8-10 rowers.  "Eights" are the largest (and fastest) rowing shell.  All activities will be done in "eights".  We expect boats to be mixed gender boats but as the league grows, as it has in many cities (30 boats in Pittsburgh), single gender boats may become the norm.  If extra rowers for one boat are present, other boats will be asked if the extra can be accommodated.


Cost:  $275 per rower for 18 sessions.  No partial refund for missed sessions.  Check with your corporate wellness program for full or partial reimbursement.


Online registration is not available for corporate rowing.  We DO accept individuals (we'll place you in a boat).  Please bring a check for $275, payable to Westerville Crew, and the waiver the first night.



More Info: Call Trish at 565-9198.








Westerville Crew Waiver required of all participants:

Coporate Rowing League info sheet to print:

Corporate Rowing League poster to print and post at work:

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