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Pay Westerville Crew through your bank's mobile or desktop app using Zelle or Quickpay...

1. Add Westerville Crew as a "payee" with or as the payee email address. (ONLY use the team email address, not a phone number)

2. Pay the fee, including a memo line indicating WHAT you are paying for and WHO your rower is.  IE. Learn To Row $195 First Name, Last Name 

Payment by check (made out to Westerville Crew) can be mailed to: 

Westerville Crew

752 North State Street #202

Westerville, OH 43082


Payment may also be made by check (Made out to Westerville Rowing) and brought with the rower to the first night of practice.  Fees are non-refundable after the sessions first date. 

For those unable to pay electronically through Zelle, you can use the below option to pay via PayPal (additional fees apply)

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